Author. Writer. Leader.

Author. Writer. Leader.

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Author + Writer

Candace Okin began her journey as a writer at the age of six, when she wrote and published her first book. Captivated by the magic of words and storytelling, she honed her skills by writing short stories and award-winning poetry throughout her childhood.

A Dallas native, she moved to Houston to attend college. She established herself there professionally after earning a degree in Broadcast Journalism from Texas Southern University. A few years later, she received her master’s degree in Psychology from Houston Baptist University.

Choosing to utilize a more technical/structural writing style professionally, Candace has crafted an impressive and versatile writing portfolio which includes marketing, public relations, scripting, internal and external communications, stories on behalf of others, and grant writing; a proficiency she used to amass more than $5.5 million in funding for dozens of nonprofit organizations across the country.

In 2020, she drew upon her creative roots to write and publish Mason Makes Money, a children’s book which journeys its readers through fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship and money management. Her subsequent work, Joseph the Great, was released in 2022, and is a multipurpose work of historical fiction designed to introduce cultural events and characters in Black history to its readers, while teaching healthy coping skills.

Non Profit Leader

As an adjunct to the book Mason Makes Money, Candace created Mason Makes Money Fund; a nonprofit organization that teaches entrepreneurial education, money management, and provides grant funds to kid entrepreneurs three times a year.  As of 2023, Mason Makes Money Fund has provided grant funds to six young entrepreneurs between the ages of seven and 13.



Community Impact

Candace continues to use the written word to inspire, educate, entertain and assist others. She enjoys engaging with the community around books, literacy, and philanthropy.

You can expect more community engagement, literature and other remarkable and meaningful content from Candace in the years to come!

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